Thursday, September 25, 2008

Break-fasting @ Sri Cempaka Service Suites

Last Tuesday, we went for break-fasting at Sri Cempaka Services Suites ( SCSS) . Been invited since early days of Ramadhan lagi. But since we are so busy, we only managed to fulfil the invitation on Ramadhan 25th.

Accompanied us that day was En Wahid Ali (F & B Manager) and En Hazelli ( Sales Manager). En Wahid, we love Kota Kinabalu very much! Hoho.

Note : Harap maklum, quality photo saya tidak sebaik photographer profesional.

SCSS's cafe - The Junction Bistro

Uh.. Reservation under Mr. Azram.

Ooops, mind you again, my photos quality not as good as "big" camera. Ke-blur-an adalah tidak disengajakan.

Heh, again. Bad photo. Hoho. Just wanna show you guys the interior of The Junction Bistro. Quite nice with all the chasing lights.

Another decoration. This is ulam-ulam's section, plus sambal belacan, cencaluk, all kampung2 condiments.


Haa, variety of kueh raya i tell you!

I had nasi ulam that day. Sedap! With dendeng daging, lemak pucuk paku, sambal ikan bilis. Uh!

Another type of dishes , laksa johor.

Appetizer - Dates, Karipap, Tapai and etc..

Hoho, looks yummy eh? Grilled lamb with black pepper sauce.

Well, banyak lagi dishes that day. But sangat malas to capture all.

Ini sajalah at the moment ya! Hoho.

Many thanks to SCSS for the invitations, especially to En Hazelli. More about the Ramadhan Buffet, simply click here.

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