Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unrelease version!


I'm so sorry for the very late update regarding " Deballz.com 2009 Promotional Shoot " . So here we go, photos will explain you what was happening ya!

Note : Mind you most photos taken by my little camera, so the qualities not as good as professional ones.

Discussion before photoshoot took place.

Listening to the intrustions

Testing..testing 1,2,3

Hoho, in action!

Again, in action!

Breaktime, pizza time!
Credit to Harris Handsome for these 2 photos below :
Last but not least :)

Hoho, pizza's boy joining us?
I would like to express my gratitue to all of deballz.com talents who involved in this session!Thank for your patience, thanks for your cooperation. You rock, guys!

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