Friday, January 28, 2011

Lipton TV Commercial

Product: Lipton TV Commercial
Casting Date: Jan 29 - 2011, 11AM - 4PM
Shooting Date: To be Confirm
Wardrobe Fit: To be Confirm
Usage:Middle East & Latin America
Contract:1 year
Earning: RM3,500.00

Job Brief:
1 x Male Kid, 1 x Female Kid
+ Age between 8-12 years old+ Middle Ease, Pan Asia, Mix, Pan Arabic, Fair Indian

Script: To Be Confirm
Response Date: Jan 28, 2011

+ Email your recent photos (full length + close up) to
+ Shortlisted will be called for casting on Saturday Jan 29, 2011
+ Information, contact 0163494745 (Harris), Jacklyn (0163366976)
Open to all talents with and without portfolio.

Nabil & Ethan appear in casting

Nabil & Ethan appear in casting

Nabil & Ethan appear in casting

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thank You Talents & Models Participated on Jan 23 Portfolio & Valentine Outdoor Broadcast Casting!

Dear Deballz Models & Talents,

Thank you to those who participated on Deballz Models & Portfolio Photoshoots and Valentine's Outdoor Broadcast Casting on January 23, 2011! We have about 40 people visiting us during the photoshoot and casting! Here's are some of the photos during the day. To any of you, be our talents & models by registering yourself at

Thank You

Friday, January 14, 2011

FlyFm Valentine's Outdoor Broadcast

Product FlyFm Valentine's Outdoor Broadcast
Event Date: Feb 19, 2011, 12PM - 6PM
Wardrobe: Toga top and an angel wings
Usage: -
Contract: -
Budget: TBC

Talent Brief: Basically walk around to just give candies and Valentine Merchandise to the public

Venue: One Utama & Sunway Pyramid

Casting Date: Email your photos, name, contact number not later Sunday 16, 2011.
Note: Email your recent photos (full length + close up) to before you attending the casting. Further information, contact 0163494745 (Harris).

Priorty given to all talents with portfolio. Talents without portfolio are encourage to apply