Thursday, February 26, 2009

" Lagenda Budak Setan "

Casting lagi.

Okay ladies & gentleman. This casting meant for you! Yes, you!

Read carefully.

If you are ;

1. Male - Malay Only age between 19-28 years old with good personality and keen in acting.

2. Female - Malay & Pan Asian) age between 18-25 years old with good personality and keen in acting.

Come over to Studio for the casting session. Details as below:

Date : March 5, 2009
Time : 1400 - 1800 HR
Venue : Studio

We welcoming you, priority will be given to those with portfolio. But for those not yet have any, do contact me for the arrangement.

More info, click here .
See you!

Astro 2 minutes Infomercial


Yesterday another casting was arranged for talents, for this one mostly for kids and baby. :)

Here's the casting details :

Venue: Kuala Lumpur
Time : 11 AM
Casting : Astro 2 mins Infomercial

Look who was in yesterday,

1. Ocha
2. Sarah
3. Adriana
4. Aleesya
5. Harith
6. Sulya
7. Farazila

Well, I'm sorry as the photo's quality not that good as I forgot to bring my little camera. Those taken using HTC phone.

Everyone doing well. There's another casting for Astro Corporate Video. I will update you on next entry ya?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jetline Casting : Third Call


We are looking for you to represent Jetline Limited in their launching soon. This will be one of great events of the year. The launching will be in 3 location ( Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta & Bali)

Those who interested, you are welcome to register yourself.

Last call for Jetline Casting :

Date : Feb 21, 2009
Time : 11AM
Venue : Studio

More info, simply login as model and you may place your name directly.

Who knows, you might fly to Jakarta & Bali in private jet?

photo : 1st casting

p/s : 2nd casting, I missed to capture as im super busy arranging here and there.

DiGi TVC Blind Date Casting

Date : Feb 8, 2009


Numbers of talents been shortlisted for DiGi new upcoming TVC. Since its very last minutes called, most of them couldnt make it. Too bad!

Casting went well and smoothly. Congratulation guys!

While waiting their turn...

Measure, measure, measure!

Will notify you the update soon! :)