Friday, August 28, 2009 Commercial Corporate Video

Project : Commercial Corporate Video
Date : 14 & 15 Aug, 2009
Venue : FRIM, Sepang Gold Coast, and Relax Cafe
Director : Mr Azram Harris
Production : Studio

Talents :

1. Noah
2. Ashikin
3. Izni
4. Zairie
5. Alice

On 14th, the shoot started early in the morning. Talents and crews gathered at Studio at 5.30am.

Had breakfast at mamak's nearby, we then push off to FRIM for greeney scenes. Few scenes taken here, at different spot. Settled around noon, then we make our way to Sepang Gold Coast.

Us, cam whoring at mamak =)

Make up take place before shooting.

One of many scenes =)

Look at our director's happy face!

This is perfect!

Splashing water to each other.

Due to lousy signboard, we heading to Morib Gold Coast instead of Sepang Gold Coast, and by then, we wasted almost an hour to turn back to our exact location.

However, the weather being kind!

Talents standby for "check in" scene.

Ouh, our camera guys!

It's talent's time. =p

Our shoot location on 15th Aug was at Relax Cafe, Bandar Sri Permaisuri. It just right behind row of Studio.

Mr Goh, the cafe's owner. Tell you, he's very sporting and charming. He even featured as talent in this project. =)

Talents, memorizing the script.


Two handsome guys, mr Director and boom man.


Special thanks to Mr Joseph, from Sepang Gold Coast, FRIM Management and Mr. Goh from Relax Cafe for the sponsorship!

Overall we had blast. And for talents, you guys did very well darling!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

TVC Drypers Wee Wee Dry "Umbrella" - Casting

Dear Netizen,

As we mentioned earlier, castings still resume as usual on fasting month.

There we go, for all kids & babies.

Job: Drypers Wee Wee Dry "UMBRELLA".
Contract: 1 year only.
Country: Malaysia & Singapore.

Talents Needed:

- 1 x Main Boy
age 2-3yrs old.
Contract: 1 year.

- 4 x Featured kids
(boy & girl)
age 2-3yrs old.

- 1 x Father
age 28-35yrs old.
Fatherly look.

- 5 x Stand In Kids
age 4-5yrs old
(boy & girl).

- 1 x Back Up for Main Boy
age 2-3yrs old.

- 4 x Back Up for Featured Kids
age 2-3yrs old
(boy & girl).

All talents (including father) are mix Malay / Chinese / Pan-Asian / Eurasian. The kids must be active, love dancing, easy to handle.


Kindly SMS your model id +6016.217.54.56 (Syazlin).

and for those who plan to get your portfolio done during fasting month, give us a buzz. We will arrange a session for you, and it's limited to few number of talent only.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Silhoute TVC Casting - Update

Date : Aug 7, 2009
Time : 330pm

Only few of talents appeared for Silhoute TVC Casting. Nevertheless the casting went smoothly.

Talents involved:

1. Syarina
2. Shiva.Shafeei
3. Saeid
4. Hilmi
5. Mina

Filling up forms. It's part of procedure.


production's crew will brief on scripts or expressions they required.

Gossiping while waiting for their turn =p

Casting in progress

Handsome boy and beautiful girl, of course.

It was a blast having you guys for the castings. Do keep in touch ya?

They've experienced photoshoots, castings, and might feature in next TV Commercial, soon. What about you?

Our last photoshoot session will be on Aug 20, 2009. Grab your session now! Else, you gonna missed lot of oppurtunities.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Silhoutte TVC Casting

Hello people!

Below are the talent brief on Silhoute TVC. This TVC will be airing in Malaysia, Dubai and Vietnam as well as Singapore.

The shooting will be in an art gallery.

1 x Female Talent
- Pan Asia
- early 20's to mid 20's
- must have height

1 x Male Talent
- as an artist
- Pan Asia
- mid 20's to early 30's

6 x featured extras
- 3 female, 1 will be as reporter
- 3 male, 1 will doubel up as waiter.

No contract but 2 years of airing.

Preferable new faces for all the cast and preferred a Malaysian and an active portfolio with .


Contact Syazlin (+6016.217.54.56) for casting arrangement. =)