Saturday, August 22, 2009

TVC Drypers Wee Wee Dry "Umbrella" - Casting

Dear Netizen,

As we mentioned earlier, castings still resume as usual on fasting month.

There we go, for all kids & babies.

Job: Drypers Wee Wee Dry "UMBRELLA".
Contract: 1 year only.
Country: Malaysia & Singapore.

Talents Needed:

- 1 x Main Boy
age 2-3yrs old.
Contract: 1 year.

- 4 x Featured kids
(boy & girl)
age 2-3yrs old.

- 1 x Father
age 28-35yrs old.
Fatherly look.

- 5 x Stand In Kids
age 4-5yrs old
(boy & girl).

- 1 x Back Up for Main Boy
age 2-3yrs old.

- 4 x Back Up for Featured Kids
age 2-3yrs old
(boy & girl).

All talents (including father) are mix Malay / Chinese / Pan-Asian / Eurasian. The kids must be active, love dancing, easy to handle.


Kindly SMS your model id +6016.217.54.56 (Syazlin).

and for those who plan to get your portfolio done during fasting month, give us a buzz. We will arrange a session for you, and it's limited to few number of talent only.


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