Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cadbury TVC

Yeah, yeah, more casting for you!


Project : Cadbury TV Commercial
Usage : 1 year TV Commercial
Contract : NO
Casting Date : July 2nd, 2009
  • Boy 13-15 years old
  • Character look, funny face.
  • Malay/Chinese/ Pan

  • Girl 15-19 years old
  • Pretty and HOT
  • Malay/ Chinese/ Pan

  • 4 x Boys 13-15 years old
  • Sport boys
  • Tough and mascular body

  • Girl 15-19 years old
  • Maximum FAT!
  • Malay/ Chinese/ Pan

There you go! Anyone?

As usual, SMS your name to +6106.217.54.56 (Syazlin) , again, priority to those with model portfolio!

To get your portfolio done, click here.

Thanks for the cooperation =)

Modenas TVC Casting

My dear deballz.com netizen,

New casting for you!

Project : Modenas TVC
Casting Date : July 2nd, 2009
  • Male 20-25 years old.
  • Good in acting, can ride motorbike
  • Good looking

  • Boy 7-10 years old.
  • Cute and bubbly

  • Male 40-60 years old.
  • Smart and can ride motorbike

Priority given to those with model portfolio. Talents without portfolio, do join any available photoshoot session by login as model, here.

Should you think you suits any of the requirement, kindly SMS your name +6016.217.54.56 (Syazlin) .

Please follow the instruction accordingly.

TQ =)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gardenia TVC 2nd Casting


It's second casting for Gardenia TVC. More joining this time. Heh.

Let's photos do the talking ya?

Talents involved:

1. Alice
2. Neeza
3. Jasmine
4. Sarina
5. Wirda
6. Muzz
7. Anissah
8. Nora
9. Baby Qarissa
10. Qistina
11. Salwa
12. Tsara
13. Balqis
14. Ifa
15. Nazatul

Waiting for turn

Hoho, measuring and script reading

Filling up forms


measure, measure, measure!

Lovely tsara & balqis

Mommies and kids

Will let you know who's been selected ya?

Bye peeps!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Toothpaste TVC

Casting! Casting!

Project : Toothpaste TV Commercial
Contract : 1 year
Media : TV Commercial & Internet

It has 2 versions;

Version 1.
Country : Indonesi, Vietnam, Sri Lanka
Shooting location : Kuala Lumpur, MY or Spain
Rehearsal : 4 days before shoot date
Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Pan Asian Indonesian/ Chinese/ Malay
- Father age 35-40 (3 days shoot)
- Mother age 25-30 (1 day shoot)
- Boy age 7-9 (3 days shoot)

Version 2.
Country : Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast
Shooting Location : Kuala Lumpur, MY or Spain
Rehearsal : 4 days
Language : English

- Father age 35-40 (3 days shoot)
- Mother age 25-30 (1 day shoot)
- Boy age 7-9 (3 days shoot)

All talents must be good in acting & they need to speak the particular language in the TVC.

Anyone fit this requirement, kindly SMS your full name/ model ID to 6016.217.54.56 (Syazlin) .

For those who havent get your portfolio done yet, you know the drill, don't you?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Additional role for Gardenia TVC

Oh dear,

There's slightly change and additional role for the Gardenia TVC ;

Little Boy/ Girl
- 7yrs-10yrs
- pan/modern malays
- must CUTE, active.

- 30yrs-36yrs (looks in this age range)
- pan/modern malays
- warm, fatherly/motherly looking

Daughter x 2
- 7yrs-17yrs
- pan/modern malays
- cute, sweet, young, energetic

School kids x 2
- 7yrs-10yrs
- male & female
- pan/modern malays
- cute & active

Rugby Player
- 25yrs-30yrs
- male & female
- pan/modern malays
- male: active, energetic, BETTER BUILT BODY SHAPE(Preferably)
- If know play rugby is a plus

- 25yrs-30yrs
- male & female
- pan/modern malays
- male: active, energetic, BETTER BUILT BODY SHAPE(Preferably)
female: sweet, young, energetic

Skateboarder x 1
- 17yrs-23yrs
- can be male or female (preferably female)
- pan/modern malays
- good/sweet looking

Casting will be held as ;

Date : June 18, 2009 (Thursday)
Time : 230pm
Venue : Please SMS your full name to +6016.217.54.56 for confirmation
Dresscode : Please wear accordingly to the role you interested in.

Again, priority given to those with portfolio.

See You!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates on Dumex, Gardenia & Merdeka Photographic Project's Shoot

Hi darlings!

This entry will be something like castings-marathon-update! There was 3 events in a row last week.

So enjoy the photos ya? We start from the latest.

Event 1 : Gardenia TVC Casting
Date : June 14, 2009

Talents involved;

- Zulhafiy
- Alliesha
- Kathya
- Alifyandra
- Nurul Nurain
- Junior
- Zairie

Cheeky boy, Zulhafiy

Measuring the lil' sweety! Hehe

Filling up the form, as usual

Moms and kids

Moms, kids and so called 'kids'? =)


Event 2 : Dumex TVC Casting
Date : June 14, 2009

This casting really offered good budget. It was awesome to met all the babies! They're super cute and not to mentioned very well behaved!

Talents involved:
Yeah, measuring session =) .


Warmed up before the casting take place

Baby Zuhair just arrived

Making friend, Quzier and Afnan

Horse riding to nowhere =)


Event 3 : Merdeka Photograhic Shoot
Date : June 10, 2009

Talents involved;

The shoot took place somehere in Kg.Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Exactly at a very beautiful house, painted in blue. It was hot and sunny day as the shoot started at 1pm . But as usual, deballz.com talents did a very good job without complaining.

Alifyandra in kain pelekat (malay's traditional wear) and beautiful Sekhon in pink gown

Happy Brithday Malaysia & proud to be Malaysian!

The blue house

Shoot in progress

Alifyandra in action

one of the scenes


Keep it up good work, darlings!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gardenia TVC

We need family for this TVC;

Project : Gardenia TVC
Casting Date : June 14, 2009
Country : Malaysia
Media : TVC
Contracts : 2 years

Role :

1. Boy

  • 7-10 years old
  • pan asian/modern malay look
  • cute, active & pleasant looking

2. Parents

  • 35-40 years old
  • both fatherly & montherly
  • warm looking

3. Daughther

  • 13-19 years old
  • cute, sweet & young looking

4. Extra kids

  • 7-10 years old
  • female & male multiracial
  • cute, active

5. Rugby player

  • 20-25 years old
  • male
  • pan asian/modern malay
  • energetic, young looking

Anyone interested taking part in this?

As usual, talents with portfolio comes first!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dumex TVC & Print Ad

Good day, darling!

This call for babies!

Project : Dumex TV Commercial & Print Ad
Casting Date : June 14, 2009
Country : Malaysia & Brunei
Media : Tv Commercial, Print Ads ( Newspaper, Magazines ), Outdoor ( Billborad, Overhead Bridge), Website & Newsletter


  • Boy, 18months- 2years old
  • Malay & Cute
  • Must be very cheerful, active, love dancing & laughing

Casting :

  • Date : June 14, 2009
  • Time : 11AM
  • Venue : Call Syazlin ( +6016.217.54.56) for confirmation

Take note!

  • Priority given to talents with model portfolio
  • Parents MUST bring their kid's favourite song.

Mommies & Daddies, interested? You know the drill!

See You!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deballz.com is HIRING & Internship Program

Hello people!

At the moment Deballz.com having 4 students who undergo their internship program . Infact, we expecting for more internship students in future !

3 of them are students from Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris (UPSI), majoring in Multimedia and another one from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

Nunui, she's bubbly and talkative =)
English teacher to be, Ct.

The cutest, Wani!

Hek, macho man - fairuz.


We welcoming students from any universities to be part of the internship program held in Deballz.com. Students majoring in marketing, mass-com and photography / art are encourage to apply! Just send in your resume/internship letter to info@deballz.com .

Oh yes, we still open for hiring. There's few vacancies available in Deballz.com ;

1. Photographer
Shoot new and existing models are your main job. All you need is creativity and able to work independently. Own your own SLR (d-SLR is preferred) and advance computing knowledge in photo editing is a must.

2. Coordinator
Organizing photoshoots and events nationwide.

3. Studio Assistant

If you think you've got what it takes to be great team, do attend our interview session by contacting Mr. Harris at +

See you!