Monday, June 15, 2009

Updates on Dumex, Gardenia & Merdeka Photographic Project's Shoot

Hi darlings!

This entry will be something like castings-marathon-update! There was 3 events in a row last week.

So enjoy the photos ya? We start from the latest.

Event 1 : Gardenia TVC Casting
Date : June 14, 2009

Talents involved;

- Zulhafiy
- Alliesha
- Kathya
- Alifyandra
- Nurul Nurain
- Junior
- Zairie

Cheeky boy, Zulhafiy

Measuring the lil' sweety! Hehe

Filling up the form, as usual

Moms and kids

Moms, kids and so called 'kids'? =)


Event 2 : Dumex TVC Casting
Date : June 14, 2009

This casting really offered good budget. It was awesome to met all the babies! They're super cute and not to mentioned very well behaved!

Talents involved:
Yeah, measuring session =) .


Warmed up before the casting take place

Baby Zuhair just arrived

Making friend, Quzier and Afnan

Horse riding to nowhere =)


Event 3 : Merdeka Photograhic Shoot
Date : June 10, 2009

Talents involved;

The shoot took place somehere in Kg.Baru, Kuala Lumpur. Exactly at a very beautiful house, painted in blue. It was hot and sunny day as the shoot started at 1pm . But as usual, talents did a very good job without complaining.

Alifyandra in kain pelekat (malay's traditional wear) and beautiful Sekhon in pink gown

Happy Brithday Malaysia & proud to be Malaysian!

The blue house

Shoot in progress

Alifyandra in action

one of the scenes


Keep it up good work, darlings!

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