Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aug 2, 2008 - Meetup Batch KLTheme Photoshoot 1 (AUG)

Hi guys,

a very quick update on Meetup last Saturday.

Meetup to discuss on clothes and location were held at Starbucks, KLSentral.

Where else kn? Hoho.

However, only few of talents from Batch KL Theme Photoshoot 1 (Aug) could make it for the meetup.

The rest ? Aiyokk!!

Heh..Favourite place..

Focus on "love letter"

Antara mamat2 amsen !

Ceh..ceh..ceh.. buat apa tu kakak? Mcm mulut ikan..

Well..lelaki ini merasakan dia paling "amsen" di kalangan semua! Siapa berminta, leave your comment!

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