Friday, April 17, 2009

Camera Infomercial Casting, Updated!

Update on Camera infomercial's casting.

Total of 10 talents coming for casting. All arrived safely before 3PM. =) netizen . Heh. Gossip session before casting! Erk..hoho

Script-reading =)


Talents involved :
1. Faiz
7. Raziela
8. Bell
9. Fiza
10. Jasmin Amira <--- she came all the way from Singapore!

It was fun having short session with you guys!Awesome.
BTW, we would like to reminds all talents, if you confirmed attending the casting, do get yourself prepared. Be punctual and wear something nice.Thats the most important thing.

However, for those who haven't create model portfolio yet, login as model here to book your session. You knows, you might join them in next casting and feels the exitement.

Bye lovelies!

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