Monday, February 14, 2011

Rasamas Print Advertisement

Product: Rasamas Print Advertisement
Casting Date: To be Confirm
Shooting Date: Feb 16 - 20, 2011 (TBC)
Wardrobe Fit: To be Confirm
Usage: Local
Earning: RM1, 200.00

Job Brief:
1. Shooting date: Thursday (17/2/11) 9 am
Location: RnR Rawang/ Behrang
Talent: Malay Family – Parents, 2 kids (boy/girl)

2. Shooting date: Wednesday (16/2/11) 10 am
Location: Rasamas outlet Subang/ Kota Damansara
Talent: Chinese guy and Indian guy

3.Shooting date: Friday (18/2/11) 9 am
Location: house
Talent: Kid Girl

4. Shooting date: Thursday (17/2/11) 2pm
Location: house
Talent: Malay lady and Indian girl

5. Shooting date: Wednesday (16/2/11)
Location: Rasamas Outlet Giant KD/ Subang
Talent: Teen girls (Chinese & Malay)

Script:To Be Confirm
Response Date: Feb 14, 2011

Take Note:-
+ Do email your proper photos if you haven't got any portfolio with, . No mobile phone, changing room or over-act photos. We need your full lenght front, side and mugshot.
Email to Shortlisted will be contact for further arrangement.

+ Information, contact 0163494745 (Harris), Jacklyn (0163366976)
Open to all talents with and without portfolio.

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