Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phillips Commercials

Product: Print & TVC Phillips
Casting Date: March 24 - 25
Shooting Date: TBC
Wardrobe Fit: TBC

Usage: Local
Contract:1 Year - Local Usage
Earning: Not To Be Disclosed

Job Brief:

Birth (Chinese)
Woman age 15-25yrs
Midwife age 20-35yrs

Baby age newborn-9 months

Storytelling (Caucasian)
Father age 25-40yrs
Child (Boy & Girl) age 3-8yrs

Bench (Malay)
Man On Bench age 25-40yrs

Home Healthcare (Indian)
Old Man age 50-70yrs
Old Woman age 50-70yrs

Script:To Be Confirm

Response Date: Mar 23, 2011

Take Note:-
1. Talents must send their normal photos, headshots and comcard (for talents without portfolio)
2. Always include your recent contact number, full name in your email.
+ Shortlisted will be contact for further casting arrangement.
+ Open to all talents with and without portfolio. Priority will be given to deballz.com models with portfolio.

Details: http://www.deballz.com

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