Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snaps on January Jakarta Portoflio Photoshoot

Hi Deballz,

These are some of the snaps and moments that we managed to capture during our photoshoot days in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thank you to all the talents that participated during all the photoshoot days.

Don't forget to join our February Indonesia Portfolio Photoshoot that will be held as in early february in Jakarta and Padang (West Sumatera). Details will be sent out to your dedicated email. New talents, don't forget to sign up at www.deballz.com

Photoshoot Briefing (Starbucks Central Park)

Indonesia Coordinator + Talent

The Deballz Indonesia Crews
Talents and The Crews


Digitally Signed Photo Release Form

Talents with the crews

Measuring the talent

Photo Release

Last Touched Up

Signing Photo Release

Waiting for the turn

Explanation by the Coordinator


Siska in Action

The pretty Julia


The Pretty Siska <3