Friday, February 15, 2013

Sama Sama Hotel

Hi Deballz,
We will be organizing casting for the below commercial. New talents, please register yourself at and don't forget to follow our twitter (@deballzmodels) for more update.

Commercial TV Comemrcial & Print Ad
- Sama Hotel
Casting Date: Feb 16 - 11am until 4pm
Feb 18 - 11am - 6pm

- Reply this email to join the casting.
- shortlisted will be notified via SMS.
- Talents with READY2SHOOT can apply by sending their photos (5 photos) to
Shooting Date: March 5, 2013
Wardrobe Fit: March 3, 2012
Usage: TV Commercial & Print & Website
Contract: 1 year - Main Role
Earning: RM3,000 - Main Role
RM 500 - 600 Extra
Job Brief: Main
- Female at 50s
- English/ Caucasian
- Cconfidence lady (Regal / Composed / Sophisticated)
- A suits with skirt or pants. OR Nice shirt with pants. Prime and proper look. (NOT fancy blouse)

Featured Extra
- Hotel Manger - Male -40s (Suits with blazer and Tie)
- Buggy Driver - Male - 30s  Plain color polo T with black pants
-  Security Guards (dancers) - Male 20s - 30s White or plain color short sleeve shirt with black pants and wide army type buckle belt. Pls provide Torch light for the casting.
-  Bellboys (dancers)  - Male 20s White or plain color shirt OR Polo T with dark pants (smart) Preferred with vest if any
- Janitors (dancers) - Male 20s-30s  White or plain color Polo T with dark pants.Pls provide Mop & bucket for casting
-  Kitchen Staff - Female 20s White T or Polo T with Black pants for now.With apron and holding a pan.
- Chef (Can toss roti canai) - Male 30s-40s White t and dark pants with apron - real roti canai man preferred
- Waiteress - Female 20s - White long or short sleeve shirt with black pants, Normal casting and perhaps holding tray to serve with confident look.
- Manicurist - Female 20s - real person , ask her to wear her standard apron type. Cast her doing her manicure. 

+ You must know how to dance for role thant need you to dance
+ You must know how to toss a Roti Canai for Roti Canai Man
+ Malay/Chinese/Fair Indian/Pan Asian

Script: To Be Confirm
Respond Date: Before Feb 16, 2013
  1. Talents must send their normal photos, headshots and comcard (for talents without portfolio) to


  2. Reply with your model id for talents with active portfolio

  3. Always include your recent contact number, full name in your email.

    + Shortlisted will be contacted for further casting arrangement.

    + Talents with or without portfolio are encourage to respond.
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