Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Samsung - Viral Video (8 Episode)

Hi Deballz,
We will be organizing casting for the below commercial. New talents, please register yourself at www.deballz.com and don't forget to follow our twitter (@deballzmodels) for more update

Commercial Samsung Viral Video
Wind Chime Kuala Lumpur
Casting Date: June 26 & 27, 2013

- Reply this email to join the casting.
- shortlisted will be notified via SMS.
- Talents with READY2SHOOT can apply by sending their photos (5 photos) to casting@deballz.com
- Talents with 'PENDING' photoshoot may apply for the casting by requesting 'INSTANT PORTFOLIO' by replying this email.
Shooting Date: July 1 - 7, (6 & 7 at Penang)
Wardrobe Fit: TBC
Usage: Viral
Contract: None
Earning: 1st Day - RM3,000
Subsequent Day - RM1,500
Launching Appearence - RM2,000

Job Brief: Main Characters

Amin - Male 25s
- Who is humble and come from a poor family

Sue Lim - Female 25
- Sue Lim, Chinese Sarawakian, is an attractive young woman who is friendly and outgoing.

Secondary Characters

Vinod - Male 25s
- He is a suave, good-looking
man, but nowhere near as suave and good-looking as he thinks

Jin - Male 32s
- Good-looking, well-dressed, well-mannered, and the son of a wealthy tycoon,

Sue Father - Male 50s
- An incredibly wealthy self-made tycoon

Sue Mother - Female 40s
- A still attractive woman who spends most of her time pampering herself

Tertiary Characters
Taxi Driver - Male 30s
Nurse - Female 30s
Script: NO
Respond Date: Before June 26, 2013 - 5PM
  1. Talents must send their normal photos, headshots and comcard (for talents without portfolio) to producer@deballz.com


  2. Reply with your model id for talents with active portfolio

  3. Always include your recent contact number, full name in your email.

    + Shortlisted will be contacted for further casting arrangement.

    + Talents with or without portfolio are encourage to respond.
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