Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hi Deballz,
We will be organizing casting for the below commercial. New talents, please register yourself at and don't forget to follow our twitter (@deballzmodels) for more update
Casting Date:Oct 28 & 29 2013 (11AM to 5PM)

- Reply this email together to join the casting.
- shortlisted will be notified via SMS.
Talents with READY2SHOOT can apply by sending their photos (5 photos) to
Shooting Date:Nov 20, 2013
Wardrobe Fit:Nov 9 or 11, 2013
Usage:2 years TVC /Internet
Earning:Pitted Prune
- RM3,000

Smart Dates
- RM1,500 (Parent / Couple) each
- RM1,000 Kid (Female)
Job Brief:Pitted Prune & Juice
- Female
- Pan Malay age 20 - 30

Smart Dates
A. Couple / Parent
- Female & Male
- Pan Malay age between late 20s & late 30s

B. Kid

- Female
- Pan Malay age 7 to 9 years

Respond Date:Before Oct 29, 2013 (8AM)
Note:# Reply with your model id for talents with active portfolio# Always include your recent contact number, full name in your email.

+ Shortlisted will be contacted for further casting arrangement.

+ Talents with or without portfolio are encourage to respond.
Details Available at:Twitter @deballzmodels
Hotline+ (Voice / SMS / Whatsapp)
Casting+60.18.3456.602 (Voice / Whatsapp)
Casting+60.18.3456.605 (Voice / Whatsapp)
General+60.18.714.74.56 (Voice / Fax)
Producer+ (Voice / SMS / Whatsapp)