Saturday, May 2, 2009

Canon TVC Shoot

As for Canon TVC, 2 of talents been selected. Shoot scheduled on April 30, 2009 . Call time at 530AM, all talents need to be at Midvalley before off to Sg.Congkak. Journey started at 630AM and one hour later we arrived at shoot's location.

Midvalley @ 530AM . Crews loading all equipments

Waiting for the other talent. Too bad, he came once we arrived at shoot location.

Journey to Sg Congkak

Arrived Sg Congkak at 740AM

We have to walk all the way from enterence to the shoot location, and it was freaking far. 25mins-30mins walking .Heh.

By the time we ( talents) arrived, crews busy transfering equipments

Make up makes wonder!

Accross the river..Ceehhhhh...

Briefing and final touch up

Setting up the camera

Hoho, script reading eh?

One of the scenes

Yes, they're dancing on the rock! Seriously you guys comel!Feeling bit hindustani, eh? =p

Another scene


Finale! Yay!

Most of the scenes they need to sing the Canon Jingle .

Last scene settled by 530PM. Packing our stuff and ready to find our way home. It was a blast although its really tiring. talents;

1. Faiz

You guys did very well!!

Catch them at Astro channels middle of May, okay?

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