Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Impian Drama Series TV3


Last Sunday talents involved in Impian's drama shooting. It's one of famous series in TV3 featuring Wardina Saffiyah and Isma Daniel as main cast.

As usual, our talents very punctual. We managed to arrived by 110PM. And the shoot takes almost a day when it ends at 830PM.

Makan-makan session before the shooting. Its a day full of makan-makan. We had lunch, teatime, complete meals! Kan girls? Hoho

Loading shooting equipments

Heh, our girls in action =)

Nisa, you on TV already!

Shooting in progress.

Sorry as I couldnt take much photos, since their shoot took place in small studio occupied with tables, chairs, and bla bla bla as in cafe's setting. So limited space for me to moving around. =)

However, i bet the girls had fun yet we understand its really tiring. Not to mentioned experiences they gain throughout the shoot, eh?

Girls for the day;

1. Nisa

Thanks for the cooperation, keep it up good attitude!

p/s : anyone interested to be like them ? well, you know the drill. just get your portfolio done by attending the photoshoot session. Clik HERE, or HERE.

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