Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gardenia TVC's Shoot


Alifyandra been selected for the latest Gardenia TV Commercial, feature talent.

The shoot was held at The Club, Bandar Utama last Wednesday. Reached there by 2Pm as requested but the shoot started slightly later than scheduled due to some arranging matter.

Alifyandra doing great =)

Few days before shoot, wardrobe fitting

On the shoot day, lunch comes first before working =)

Erk, and for us, foods comes first before everything. Hohoho. The 3 beautiful ladies currently undergo internship with

Preparing props and whatnot

Arrangement of shoot location. Can you spot our Alifyandra?

Yeah, shoot about to take place.

Lightings and whatnot

Lots of Gardenia's bread for us. Hoho, kidding!

1..2..3.. action!

The kids

Nyum nyum, the breads so yummy!

We also had fun on the shoot date =) Catch Alifyandra in action on air soon, will you?

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