Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Petronas Merdeka TVC Casting

Hi darlings,

Currently we looking for talents to feature in next Petronas MERDEKA TVC Casting.

Here we goes, the requirements.

1 x Male Adult
28 yrs onwards, malay (Pleasant Looking).

1 x Boy.
8 yrs, small size malay, naughty face Kampung Look.(MUST BE VERY KAMPUNG LOOK LIKE FROM KUALA SELANGOR, PREFEERED DARK SKIN).

1 x Grandpa.
mid 60s – 70s, malay, fat & bald, character of any grandpa that looks interesting must look really old with white hair and tons of wrinkles. (He plays a blind Man)

5 x Boys as main role's friends (Featured Extra).
around 8yrs, mixed races, small size :

2 x Malay Boys Kampung Look
2 x Indian Boys Kampung Look (Batu Caves) Type
1x Chinese Boy Kampung Look (Batu Arang)

4 Adult main role's friends, 28yrs onwards (Featured Extra);

1 x Chinese man
1 x Indian man (Plum)
1 x Mamak/Punjabi man
1 x Malay man

10 x kampung ppl, mixed races & ages.
10 x 5 – 10yrs kids, mixed races

Anyone interested? You know the drill. SMS your full name/model id to +6016.217.54.56 (Syazlin)

However, for those who haven't own a model portfolio, kindly prepare one for yourself. Deballz.com will not conducting any photoshoot session in respect of fasting month, starting on Aug 20, 2009.

What are you waiting for? Grab your session, now!

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