Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hong Leong Bank (SME Banking)

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We will be organizing casting for the below commercial. New talents please register at and don't forget to follow our twitter @deballzmodels for latest update.

Client Hong Leong Bank
SME Banking
Casting Date: May 25 until further notice

Casting Via Composite Card

- You will be selected based on your comcard emailed to
Shooting Date: June 13 - 14, 2012
Wardrobe Fit: June 11, 2012
Usage: TV Commercial
Contract: 1 year for main
Earning: RM3,000 : Mr. Chen (Young Executive)
RM2,500 : Tao-ke Wong (Shop Owner)
RM1,500 : Tao-ke Sou (Boutique Owner)
RM200 : Retired Uncle
Job Brief: Character : Mr. Chen (Young Executive)
Role : Main
Sex : Male
Race : Chinese
Age : 25 - 35 years old 

Character : Tao-ke Wong (Shop Owner)
Role : Featured
Sex : Male
Race : Chinese
Age : 30 - 40 years old

Character : Tao-ke Sou (Boutique Owner)
Role : Featured
Sex : Female
Race : Chinese
Age : 30 - 40 years old

Character : Retired Uncle
Role : Extra
Sex : Male
Race : Chinese
Age : 40 - 55 years old

Casting wardrobe:
Young Exec - Formal
Tao-ke Wong - Semi Formal / Short sleeves shirt / no jeans
Tao-ke Sou - Dress or chiong sam

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Script: To Be Confirm
Respond Date: May 24, 2012 (before 12PM)
  1. Talents must send their normal photos, headshots and comcard (for talents without portfolio) to


  2. Reply with your model id for talents with active portfolio

  3. Always include your recent contact number, full name and casting date of your choice in your email.

    + Only Shortlisted will be contacted for further casting arrangement.

    + Talents with or without portfolio are encourage to participate.
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