Friday, May 25, 2012

KFC Golden Crunch

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Client Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
KFC Golden Crunch
Casting Date: May 25 & 26, 2012

Casting Via Composite Card

- You will be selected based on your comcard emailed to
Shooting Date: June 2, 2012
Wardrobe Fit: May 31, 2012 7PM
Usage: TV Commercia, Internet, Online & In-store
Contract: 1 year
Earning: RM1,200 each role
Job Brief: 1 x female female between 18-22 yrs old
- Good in acting
- Sweet looking good
Wardrobe - in a dress having a candle light dinner with her boyfried (extra can only see hands) and she eats something spicy and starts to behave like her mouth is on fire.

1 x chinese male between 23-26yrs old
- Chinese chinese character looking guy
- Nerdy, Skinny look
Wardrobe - watching tv eating something crunchy and then break out very 'pedas' hot again.
- He should be in a comfy polo tee or normal round neck tee with bermudas or maybe a 2 piece short sleeve shirt and a tee inside. 

1 x chinese teen boy 14-17yrs old
- Pan Asian malay boy
- Sporty outgoing looking
Wardrobe - ate something spicy and deeps his head into a pool of water or use a water hole to rinse his mouth.
- He should looks sporty in a basketball sleeveless jersey or a football jersey or anything sporty.

1 x malay or chinese little girl 8-10yrs old
- Cheeky, cute, naughty looking
Wardrobe - little girl in the back seat of parents car, parents in front (extras) she is sitting comfortably chewing and chopping on her load of french bread in a crunchy manner .... she looks cute & cheeky
- Cute a sundress or maybe a matching top and skirt or 3/4 pants

1 x malay or chinese male between 23-28yrs old
- Fresh office executive that looks decent
- Good in acting
Wardrobe - guy having his meal in a mamak or road side stall with a group of colleagues (extra)
- Office attire , shirt, pants and a tie.

1 x pan - asian college boy ard 20-24 yrs old
- Decent looking
- Good in acting
Wardrobe - he will be the dude that does the consumption scene of eating the crunchy KFC chicken.
- A polo or short sleeve tee

-Login at for the storyboard

Script: To Be Confirm
Respond Date: May 25, 2012 (before 6PM)
  1. Talents must send their normal photos, headshots and comcard (for talents without portfolio) to


  2. Reply with your model id for talents with active portfolio

  3. Always include your recent contact number, full name and casting date of your choice in your email.

    + Only Shortlisted will be contacted for further casting arrangement.

    + Talents with or without portfolio are encourage to participate.
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